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We’ve been wanting to do a Lord of the Rings movie marathon for some time now. It just so happens that for the holidays we received a nice big TV from Ian’s family — perfect for watching movies! So we set to it and on January 2nd, we had our LOTR marathon complete with an array of Middle Earth cuisine.

Lord of the Rings movies and our TV

Yes! The extended editions, of course!

Farmer Maggot's crops for elevenses

Farmer Maggot’s crops for elevenses

Lembas bread-1

Lembas bread (actually some sugar cookies)

Beef stew in bowl

Dinner: Shire Beef Stew

Mount Doom Lava Cakes-6

And for dessert: Mount Doom Lava Cakes with Caradhras cream

Where have we been?

Actually, we’ve been in our new home! It doesn’t need much work or anything, but we’ve been spending a lot of time enjoying it (and commuting to and from it). We’ve got all the furniture set up (minus some future purchases we’d like to make!). We’re a little short on the details/decorations, but that will come in time.

We’ve actually spent a good amount of time enjoying this room:

New Home - Just Moved In-25

And enjoying some nice meals because of it!

Linguine and shrimp, panzanella salad, brussels sprouts

The newest treat of our new home is that it came with a surprise living under our deck!

Found a Meatball in our backyard

Since then we’ve taken the cat to the vet to get checked out and now she lives with us. We named her Meatball the Cat. Everyone say hello to Meatball!

Especially since Meatball was living outdoors, we thought it would be nice to let her out once in a while — We were wrong! About two weeks before Christmas, we were having some breakfast and Meatball the Cat was meowing that she wanted to go outside. We didn’t ask her why she wanted to venture out of doors, but simply let her go free. About two minutes later we heard the angriest, scaredy-cat sound you could imagine. I look out one door and just see puffs of fur. I look out the other door and  I see an nasty looking stranger cat sitting on my front step. Where’s Meatball? Hiding in terror, apparently!

After shoo’ing away the mean cat, I found Meatball huddling on the ledge by our front door on the other side of the railing. Luckily she didn’t jump or fall. I left her in and it was immediately obvious that her front left paw was injured, as she was holding it up and barely walking on it. Then she shook it and blood spurted out on the floor and walls. Great.

We took her to the vet (another vet bill? yay!). Luckily it wasn’t too serious, but she did need kitty-stitches and left with a cone on her head and lots of drugs pulsing through her kitty veins.

Meatball the Cat-8

As a bonus she wasn’t allowed to jump and I’m not sure if you noticed, but she’s a cat. So we had to build her a little kitty prison…I mean fort. Good thing we had a bunch of cardboard boxes from moving. We duct taped a few together and made a nice little home for her to stay in the basement. It has separate cardboard rooms for eating, sleeping and pooping.
That lasted about two days before she tore through the air holes and escaped her cardboard prison to roam free in the basement. We did the best we could. I built another bigger fort which lasted a bit longer.

Eventually she got to go back to the vet for a check-up and they said she was all better! Yay! Happy Lil’ Meats!

Meatball the Cat-5