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Weekend Fun

So this past weekend my sister Ali came to visit. We decided that we wanted to go to the MFA to see the Fashion Show exhibit, because it was almost over. We had some trouble finding parking around the MFA though, so after over 30 minutes of driving around Ian just dropped us off while he went to find a spot. He will tell you all about that :)

The exhibit was surprisingly interesting. Collections by Christian LaCroix, Dior, Chanel, Viktor & Rolf, Valentino and others were on display. It was fascinating to see the detail and workmanship that go into each piece. At these runway shows, you don’t always have an opportunity to see the pieces up close – so this was really neat. Of course, its haute couture, so its not like you are seeing clothes that an ordinary person would actually wear, but still, very fascinating to see how the designers can take a theme, or a certain look, and just go with it. Very Cool!

On Sunday, we drove Ali back to Spencer, where she prepared a nice Mediterranean dinner for us – salad, grilled tomatoes with mozzarella, prosciutto, rustic bread and a dish of lemon, garlic and olive oil pasta. It tasted great – especially since this was probably the first family dinner that Ali made. She finished the meal with some pears and strawberry shortcakes. Yum-O! :)


Picture will be up later….

So, I finally decided to get glasses. Who hoo. I am not too excited about it. I never liked wearing even sunglasses, and I think my face is shaped funny for glasses. But anyway, I got them, and I can finally drive again now that I can read the signs. :)

Ring Size

So, yeah, it is still too big. In the picture below, the ring is the original size. When we were at the jewelry store to have it resized, I was a little concerned because my hands were cold, and I do notice a difference in the size of my fingers depending on the season. But when the lady tried to get a good size, I still felt that the size she chose was too large. “Um, this still feels very loose,” I said. “Oh no, that is just because your hands are cold right now. Once you warm up you will notice a difference.”

Well I still thought it was big. I wear rings all the time, and I prefer them to be tighter rather than looser. Anyway, so we got the ring back, and right away I knew it was too big. It probably needs to be a size smaller still.

I know it is too big, even for the winter, because just the other day, I was taking my jacket off, and as I pulled my arm out of the sleeve, the ring flew off my finger and into the closet. So I had to rummage through my shoes to find it. EEK!

So, if anyone knows where to get little ring inserts that make the ring smaller, let me know. I figure I will use that until the summer, and see if I can get a smaller size then. Because I really don’t want to lose my little sparkle!