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About our engagement

Wedding Plans Progressing

Wow, it’s been a year since I proposed to Valerie! Happy one-year engagement-versary!

Wedding plans are coming along. We have a date and location all set. We are doing a very small ceremony and meal (pretty much just immediate family), so I apologize that you’re not invited. Really, I do. We’d like you to attend, but like I said in the previous wedding post, we can’t handle a large event.

We are hoping to have a casual summer party where we invite more people. We have done zero planning for that though. Feel free to help get us started! For now, we’re focused on the actual wedding. We have booked things like a photographer and someone to marry us, so things are coming along. Val even purchased her gown and will be getting it fitted this coming week.

Progress is happening and it’s getting closer! Keep your eye on the counter in the top left for the up-to-date countdown to our wedding. It’s exciting and stressful! Well, really the only stress I have is attempting to minimize Val’s stress! I’m looking forward to the wedding and I hope we also get to pull off the casual summer party (see you there).

Ring Size

So, yeah, it is still too big. In the picture below, the ring is the original size. When we were at the jewelry store to have it resized, I was a little concerned because my hands were cold, and I do notice a difference in the size of my fingers depending on the season. But when the lady tried to get a good size, I still felt that the size she chose was too large. “Um, this still feels very loose,” I said. “Oh no, that is just because your hands are cold right now. Once you warm up you will notice a difference.”

Well I still thought it was big. I wear rings all the time, and I prefer them to be tighter rather than looser. Anyway, so we got the ring back, and right away I knew it was too big. It probably needs to be a size smaller still.

I know it is too big, even for the winter, because just the other day, I was taking my jacket off, and as I pulled my arm out of the sleeve, the ring flew off my finger and into the closet. So I had to rummage through my shoes to find it. EEK!

So, if anyone knows where to get little ring inserts that make the ring smaller, let me know. I figure I will use that until the summer, and see if I can get a smaller size then. Because I really don’t want to lose my little sparkle!

Ring Resized

Valerie wearing ring

Although I tried to get the ring to be the right size, I was pretty much way off. Serves me right for trying to measure using yarn. And the ring of hers I was trying to measure is one of those three intertwined rings in one…pretty tricky stuff! At least it was too big, so she was still able to put it on her finger.
Anyways, the warranty I purchased the ring with allows for it to be resized at no additional cost. So, soon after I gave Val the ring, she had to part with it. I joked that we’re un-engaged until she gets it back.

Great news though! The ring is back! It now fits her much better. Although, she’s contemplating if it should be tighter. She doesn’t want it to fall off. But, I don’t think she’s ready to part with it again yet.


Once I got the ring I was very anxious to share it with Val. The night I picked it up I was actually with Val. I made up some excuse about having a stomach ache and was able to sneak off. The ring was in my jacket pocket and I wanted to just give it to her on the spot! I managed to hold back to do something a little special, although I didn’t want to do it too crazily (I wanted it to be more fitting to who we are).

The next day in our apartment I gave Val a box. It said “Smile Box” on top. This was a reference to a present Val gave me early in our relationship. The smile box Val gave me had cute words about me and our relationship taped inside and was filled with Kit Kats. She mailed it to me because I complained once of not receiving packages in the mail.

Anyways, the smile box I gave Val was filled with random junk (some of her hair elastics, one of her own rings, rubber bands, etc). She smiled at me awkwardly and said, “how nice.” I encouraged her to continue and she lifted up a piece of paper in the bottom. Underneath it read the words, “Will you marry me?” in which she said “Yes!” I then said, “Oh, and I got you this too” and handed her the diamond ring I picked out. We both smiled, cried a bit and cuddled.

Smile box and engagement ring

Then we had pancakes.