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Leonard Bernstein Festival of the Creative Arts

Adam taking a peek

My mom wanted to take my brother to the Leonard Bernstein Festival of the Creative Arts at Brandeis today. Apparently she took him last year and had fun, so I joined them this year. She likes the festival for the fun atmosphere, art activities such as with Sidewalk Sam, and just because she likes Leonard Bernstein (I think mostly because of West Side Story).

Sidewalk Sam

Adam was happy because he got to do the first chalk drawing with Sidewalk Sam.

Adam with chalk art

I guess my mom got to do the second one.

Mom and Adam with chalk art

I came a little later and made a bird.

Ian's Bird

There was face painting, but it was busy so they encouraged parents to paint their own kids.

Mom painting Adam

I think Adam was happy with how it came out.

Adam's Face Painted

There were all sort of activities. We saw a marionette show which was actually pretty good and Adam made a clay bowl.

Adam and Mom with clay

There were a few bands there including a guy with a guitar playing fun kid songs, a Hindu-Rock band, and something involving two Brandeis Police cars.

Police Song

I try not to spend all my time at Brandeis, but it was pretty fun.


Val and I have a new hobby: geocaching.

Val Geocache

Basically it’s like a nerdy form of letterboxing. If you don’t know what that is either, letterboxing is basically a scavenger hunt where at the end you find a logbook and a stamp in a tupperware container. You stamp with your own stamp in the logbook and stamp with the box’s stamp in your book. Anyone can hide a box and post the hunt online for others to find, although we haven’t done that yet.
Geocaching is a hunt that uses longitude and latitude coordinates, so you need to use a GPS device to find the end. I tried using the GPS on my phone and it ended up working out pretty well.

Ian Geocache

So far we only did a couple of geocaches one day, so we’ll see what happens. Let us know if you want to join us though!

We’re Moving!

As those of you who are close to us know, we have been thinking about where to live next. Since our lease is just about up, we figured now is as good a time as any. We were originally planning to stay in the area, but with this past winter and now the warmer weather, we’ve decided to move somewhere more comfortable — Homer, Alaska. It’s just a little south of Anchorage, and somewhere Val can be comfortable not needing to worry about burning up in the sun.

Here’s a picture of the area we’re moving to (from its posting on eBay):

Homer, Alaska

Since we’re leaving in 8 days from today, we didn’t have time to secure our ideal jobs. We’re hoping once we get settled in we can get something better. For now, I’ll be working sorting fish at the local plant and Valerie will working nights at a brothel in Anchorage. I’m not thrilled with sharing her in that way, but we gotta pay rent. Maybe by this time next year we’ll be able to get jobs working on the the ITFA (Internet Tubes for America) project, which is based nearby — If so we’ll be sure to post about it for April Fools 2008.