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Poor, poor Valerie. In addition to her “life-long” headaches, she has also been complaining about her ears feeling funny lately. Apparently this may be related to her Temporomandibular joint (see photo).

According to Dentist-Doctor Kevin “Sweet Mustachio Man” Grace, Val has Temporomandibular joint disorder.
The American Academy of Otolaryngology—Head and Neck Surgery Foundation when talking about the disorder says:

Pain can be felt at the side of the head (the temple), the cheek, the lower jaw, and the teeth…A very common focus of pain is in the ear.

The good news is that with some therapy, Val can learn how to stretch her mouth and close it and maybe get a face massage. With any luck it’ll help her headaches.

Memorial Day Weekend


We went to visit Val’s family. Shortly after we arrived we grabbed Ali and went to…Marshall’s in Sturbridge. Oh what fun.

My initial reaction was “Can I wait in the car?” Val was returning a nice brown leather purse her family gave her and was hoping to find a different one she liked.

Well, Val didn’t find anything, but I found a couple things for myself!

I wanted to get an oil filter and oil for my car so Val suggested we go to Klem’s. That place is weird and didn’t have what I wanted. On our way out we found our friend Sue! So logically we grabbed her and went to Dairy Queen.

Sue and Ian

Once we were there we found Ali’s friend Kate aka KateFace getting off her shift.

Ian and KateFace

When we got back to Val’s parent’s place, I thought it was funny that both of them refer to Kate by her KateFace name.

Val’s dad picked up some pizza and I had a couple slices, but Val had none because she spoiled her appetite at Dairy Queen. Isn’t she cute?

Val Enjoying Ice Cream

Before we left, we went through random things in their basement, looking through her brother’s old toys. BTW, Chris if you’re reading this, we took a couple Lego characters and gave them to my brother.
Sunday was my sister’s graduation! She graduated Magna Cum Laude (yay!).
Emily Graduating College

After the official ceremony we went back to my parent’s place. Emily was quick to take off the cap and gown and shoes:

Emily Without Shoes

She then proceeded to boogie:

Emily Dancing

My brother played some whiffle ball and hit one over the house!
Adam Plays Whiffle Ball


Monday included more Marshall’s (Val got a new purse), getting the oil and filter for my car, then going to my parents house to do the oil change. I was going to do it myself, just wanting to use my parent’s driveway and tools, but my dad insisted it would be much quicker if he just did it. Thanks dad!