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Wedding Plans!

I’m sure planning a wedding is tough, but what’s even harder is planning to plan. What I mean is figuring out the basic idea of what to do.

We went through many high-level ideas that basically narrow down to the following themes:

  1. Big wedding
    1. Pro: The wedding of dreams and puffins
    2. Negative: Too many Benjamins (dollar billz) needed
  2. Medium wedding
    1. Pro: More affordable (but still will cost alot)
    2. Con: Not everyone gets invited. People will be left out.
  3. Small wedding with casual party at later date
    1. Pro: More affordable than big wedding.
    2. Con: Small wedding would be very small (which could be nice I guess)

Anyways…we’re tired of not having a plan, so here it is. We’re getting married in April and are going to have a very small ceremony (and meal after). Too late to change our minds. I just mailed the deposit, so take that!

So that actual wedding is less than five months away! Like I said, it will be small (practically just immediate family). Potentially in the summer we will have a larger more casual party, so stay tuned for that.

What do you think?

Brandeis Trash (or fake trash?)

Brandeis Trash

Brandeis students had a big outdoor display yesterday with trash from campus. The goal, I think, is to get people to create less waste and to recycle as much as possible. A great idea with an innovative way of showing how much trash the campus generates.

My question is to the validity of the trash. Did they use real trash? If so, how did they coordinate that with the staff? Did they tell them collect the trash then spread it out, then go back and get it and really throw it away before the raccoons come? Wouldn’t there be concerns with sanitation?
Or is it fake trash? If so, isn’t that just making more trash?

These are the things I think about while I walk from my car to my office.

My mom’s a professional

Val’s in the midst of taking a half-semester class in geographic information systems (GIS) for fun. I think she’s liking it so far. Yeah, she just likes playing with maps on computers.

The class is in the building my mom works in, so the other day we stopped by to say hi. My mom had Adam with her. I stayed for a bit and hung out with Adam. We played with my mom’s paper supplies and fashioned Adam a sweet mustache and beard made from a legal pad.

Adam with mustache
When we got bored with that we looked at one of my mom’s nameplates. This one was a piece of paper attached to the outside of her cube. It said her name on it, but it wasn’t that neat looking. When she walked away from her desk I quickly sat down and printed her a new sign that said her name. I needed some flair so I used the Curlz font. While Curlz is a very professional font, I figured I’d emphasize that by putting below my mom’s name the words, “I’m a professional” — just so people know who they’re dealing with.

Wanda's a professional

My mom got a good laugh at her new sign. I got a bigger laugh when she said it was time to put the old one back up. We looked for it and realized Adam had it and was laughing hysterically. My mom grabbed her original sign with her name, which now had written in pen the words, “I’m cool.” My mom said, “Adam! That’s my sign!” to which Adam replied, “I thought that was the old one!”

Pretty funny from my point of view! Anyways we then printed my mom up a new, normal, non-Curlz sign and everything went back to normal…or did it?!?


Yes! It’s that wonderful time of year. The leaves change colors and begin to fall. Thanksgiving is just around the corner. And Val likes to bake some treats.

Val making buckeyes

Buckeyes are a yummy treat made with peanut butter, Rice Krispies (or Crispy Rice I suppose), and sugar. They’re made into little balls than dipped in chocolate, but you need to leave some of the peanut butter showing for the eye.



Emily and the attic

My sister recently moved out of my parents house into a house in the big city, rooming with a friend of hers from high school. I joined her and her hot dog associate in moving her stuff to her new place. Basically we moved her mattress, boxspring, a small bureau and many garbage bags full of clothes.

Once at her place there were some stairs to get to their front door. Then more stairs to get to where they live. Then a final, narrow set of stairs to get to Emily’s room.

Emily on stairs

It wasn’t bad, but I was a little concerned about toppling over the railing (or the railing just breaking). Eventually we got her stuff in and thankfully no injuries!

How’s Emily enjoying life at her new place?

Well, the good news is she’s learning to cook!

Emly cooks!

I went back the other day to help them setup their cable and Internet. They sure do love the Web.

Emily and Carolyn

Nice place!

The only bad news with Emily roaming the streets is that she’s just learning about the great big city. To celebrate their new place, they went out to a nearby bar. Emily places her jacket (just momentarily) down with some other coats. She turns back around and her coat is gone. The details are that her jacket pocket was filled to the brim with things like her license, $50, keys and cell phone. My parents had to change their locks since one of the keys was their house key (and her license has their address on it)!

Crazy. Poor Emily! It’s sad and annoying for her. It’s kind of funny to me and I’ll continue to tease her that it must have been her first time going out in public!

Oh well…lesson learned…I hope!

Then again, she could pull a Peter (as the expression goes)! This Peter is of course Val’s dad’s amazing co-worker. His story is that his car was stolen from his residence because he always parks with his keys in the ignition. Lesson learned? Well, let’s just say he “pulled a Peter” and had his second car stolen within the month…with the keys in the ignition. Gee willikers!