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Christmas is here! That means it’s time for gingerbread cookies!

Val and I made our own gingerbread dough, cut into shapes and baked them. After all that was done it was time for the fun part…decorating!

Val decorating

Val made a ton of holiday-looking cookies.

Ginger Bread Decorated

Cute! But, not what I had in mind. I wanted to make Avatar cookies! I got the idea from the episode “Avatar Day” — I’m not going to get into the whole synopsis of the show, but basically the villagers made Avatar cookies (yet they hated the Avatar but ended up liking the Avatar in the end). That’s my inspiration.

I made a couple doodles in gingerbread style to get started.

Planning for Katara:

Making Katara

And of course Aang:

Making Aang

They actually came out pretty good. Not perfect or anything, but I think you can tell who the characters are. Here’s them drying on the cookie rack:

Avatar Gingerbread

And then on display:

Avatar Gingerbread
Yum yum! Good enough to eat?

Let’s take a closer look at the Avatar cookies!

Avatar Aang:

Aang Gingerbread


Katara Gingerbread


Sokka Gingerbread


Sokka Gingerbread

(Prince) Zuko:

Zuko Gingerbread

What do you think?


Happy (C)han(n)uk(k)a(h)!

Not too much to say, but I hope you had a good time. Val and I lit spent some night’s at home and went over my parent’s a couple times. It was good fun, especially watching Adam open presents!

Scratch that…latkes. Potato latkes representing! Word.

So, how do you really spell (C)han(n)uk(k)a(h)?


Hey everyone. Sorry for the delayed reply. Let me tell you how the night with Val’s dad’s band (Siren) went.

We get there and the bar’s signs are lit up to show the two band’s names.

JJ Bar Sign

Siren had a decent sized crowd. I’m not sure exactly how many, but a bunch of Val’s dad’s co-workers (including the amazing Peter) and other band members had people too. Val and I attended of course, and our friend Sue came with a date. Sue’s date and I knocked back a couple colas as we watched the show.

Siren proceeded to rock with some of their favorite covers for a nice set.


When they were done the establishment said, “get back over there!” Apparently the other band promised to bring 100 people, but they only brought a grand total of themselves (aka zero people). JJ’s actually told them to pack up and go home. Kind of weird, but more Siren (hooray). They went back and played a nice long set, took a break then played a third set — in total about 40 songs.

As the night dwindled to a close, I noticed something about Sue’s date. She was a bit silly. And I was having a hard time believing it was from the couple sips of Sue’s beer that she stole. By the time she was outside throwing up I said, “Wait a second…that’s not soda you’re drinking!” She was so drunk that I ended up driving her (brand new) car to Sue’s place (just down the street).

Good times.

Friday night rock & roll

Have any plans tomorrow night? Want to hang out and have some drinks with friends? How about watch Val’s dad rock out?

Yes, that’s right. Val’s dad’s band, Siren, will be performing Friday
night (12/7/2007) at JJ’s Sports Bar and Grill.

Siren is a rock band that plays cover songs ranging from Classic Rock -
to Motown – to brand new hits. Band members have over a half of a
century of experience between them having played in some of the area’s
best Top 40 and original rock bands before creating Siren.

What time will they be on? Well, that’s tough to say. Either 9:30pm or
11:30pm. JJ’s is having two bands perform Friday night and plans to see
which one is more popular. It all starts with a coin toss at 8:45pm to
see who goes on first!



Hope to see you there!