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Cecil/Ajit and Sindhu Are Married!

Our friends Cecil/Ajit and Sindhu are married! Val and I attended the lovely ceremony and reception last night (July 19th). We were both really happy we got to attend. The wedding was huge (must have been around 350 guests!).

They looked very cute!

Cecil and Sindhu

The picture quality isn’t that great because it was taken in a relatively dark room on my cell phone! But, you can see how cute and happy they are! This was taken after Sindhu changed outfits during the reception. But, I think one of my favorite parts was when her new husband serenaded her in front of everyone!


From Tuesday-Friday Val and I spent nice relaxing days off in Maine’s Acadia National Park. We camped at Blackwoods campground and spent some time in Bar Harbor. We made some camping meals and of course s’mores over campfires (my best ones yet!).

We hiked up Cadillac Mountain and spent time enjoying the view on the summit.

Ian and Val on Cadillac Mountain Summit

I was scared to see a common garter snake, but we were excited to see peregrine falcons and an otter!

Otter in Jordan Pond

You can view some pictures we took on Flickr.


Last weekend Val and I traveled down south to Florida to visit my grandmother and attend the unveiling for my grandfather’s gravestone.

We arrived Friday night we arrived at went straight to our hotel room. Next door the the hotel was a place (a store?) called the bedding barn, which surprisingly looked like a barn.

Bedding Barn

On Saturday we met up with my parents and brother and drove down to Key Largo. I’ve only been to the keys once before and Val’s never been, so that was nice. We all went on a glass bottomed boat to view fish and coral. I’m not the biggest fan of watching fish, nor was I thrilled to go on a boat, but I did it (good for me!).

Ian and Val on Boat

On Sunday we attened the unveiling and spent time with family (my grandmother, aunt, uncle, and cousin Monica). It was nice to see them all.

Then before we knew it, it was Monday and time to head back home. Val and I were happy to leave the humidity and to sleep in our own bed. We packed and then re-packed for our next adventure…

Happy Birthday America

It’s really cute hearing the little kids say “Happy Birthday America!” on TV.

Val and I celebrated the fourth by basically just relaxing. Ran a few errands and took a nice walk along the Charles.

We had a little cookout on our $15 grill which was fun. Then when it started getting dark, we took a small journey over to Newton to see their fireworks display.

Val @ Newton Fireworks

Newton actually puts on quite the show. There was a big crowd there, music, fried dough, etc.

Firetruck and flag

And the fireworks were great. There was one part that I thought was the finale

But that ended up being just part of the middle of the show, so yeah, they went all out!