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Getting ready for Halloween

Everyone getting ready for Halloween on Friday? I have to decide if I’m dressing up during work and if so what to wear! My brother was at our apartment the other day and counted 43 Halloween decorations! Can you tell we like Halloween???

Note that we like cute halloween things. Not so much the zombies and stuff.

And the count of 43 was before the pumpkins! Val and I had my co-worker/friend Aaron over for some good ol’ fashioned pumpkin carving fun!


The cat silhouette, on the top, was made by Val.

The witch with her bubbling brew, in the middle, was made by Ian.

The Aaron, on the bottom, was made by Aaron.

What’s new pussy cat?

Mustard with mustard

Sometimes you just have to write “mustard” with mustard, if you know what I mean.

Boy, do I have updates to share with you. Can you believe it’s already mid-October? Let’s take it back and talk about what’s happened in the last month.

The Jewish high holidays came and went. Did some temple, eating, and a bit o’ fasting. Val came sometimes and I got to meet my sister’s boyfriend. Fasting wasn’t too bad, but sometimes I feel that it just makes me focus on how much I want to eat. At one point Val really wanted an apple kugel snack:

Val liked the kugel

Val’s dad had a birthday, so we headed out to celebrate that. They made us food and showed us their mushroom village. Yeah, you heard me.

Gnomes and mushrooms

Apparently some massive mushrooms sprouted on their front yard and the next thing they knew, a family of gnomes moved in! This really got me thinking though, how can smurfs live in mushrooms, but be three apples tall???

While we were visiting Val’s family in the “country-side” we decided to go apple picking. Unfortunately, Val’s sister couldn’t attend because she got a job!

Chris and Ellen were able to come. Here’s Chris taking time for sharing his standard photo pose with us:

Chris in apples orchard

Sue was able to come, so that was alot of fun. It’s nice when we can pull her out of her hectic life to take a little time for apples. I think she had a nice relaxing time. Here’s Sue smiling so that we give her an apple and stop taking her picture:
Sue smiling for apples

And, lastly Kat and Lily were able to attend. Lily seemed to enjoy wearing the pumpkin hat Val made her, but mostly enjoyed gnawing on apples!

Lily in hat

At one point, after seeing Lily eat so many apples, Kat really needed to have a quick snack.

Kat eating Lily

Of course, who can resist being in a giant apple orchard and not sneaking a quick snack?!?

Val apple snack

Oh, also just and FYI. 20lbs is a real lot of apples, especially for two people. Just a heads up.

Chris, Ellen, Adam, Val and me had an adventure in Carver, MA too when we went to King Richard’s Faire! Feel free to search to find out about our past visits to ye olde faire.

On posting the following picture, I just noticed that Val’s brother is giving my brother “bunny ears” — how random!


I think we all had a good time. Val at least enjoyed playing (additional dress-up) in the vendor’s shops. Unfortunately the hat was too expensive!

Val in hat

Although Chris says that should could wear that hat “anywhere.” Anyways, there are a few more pictures of our King Richard’s Faire visit on our Flickr page.

That just about brings you up to speed with where we’re currently at. But, I don’t want to abandon you yet. Instead I’ll leave you with three points:

1) With the presidential election quickly approaching I want you to know whenever I see John McCain’s signs/stickers with his name and a star I think of pizza and french fries.


2) Jungle pancakes. Is it just me or does that sound dirty?

Jungle Pancakes

3) We got a teapot. On the bottom of the box there is a warning.

Teapot warning

Yes, that’s right: “Boiling water and children should be kept apart.” Thanks for the tip, teapot!