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Chrishanukah 2008

Happy interfaith holiday season!

Interfaith Holiday Season
I can’t believe the holiday season is already wrapping up! We just came back from a action-packed night at my parent’s house for the last night of C(h)an(n)uk(k)a(h). Food and family were nice, but it was really cool seeing all the candles lit on multiple menorahs (or should I say hot?). Here’s our menorah fully lit:

Our Menorah on Last Night-5
Last week we spent Christmas with Val’s family and had a nice time there too. The lasagna was a great. It was nice spending time with them and of course giving and receiving presents is always fun! The cat sure loved helping us to unwrap our presents!

Cat opening presents-3
We have a little time off from work left so we’re going to try and enjoy it and relax a bit. Before we know it we’ll be in 2009!

More Chrishanukah 2008 pictures are on Flickr.


Ian had a birthday!

Funfetti Birthday Cake

Pictured above is a funfetti cake we made for my birthday. A few days later my family came over to continue the celebration!

Birthday Cake-1

Yummy chocolate cheesecake!

Val got me the greatest gift! A nice new digital SLR camera! Sweetness! Here are some pictures I took on my first outing with my new camera! You’ll probably be seeing more pictures uploaded to our Flickr account than I post about here.


Hi there,

In case you were wondering, last month was Thanksgiving! We went over my parents house this year and went to Val’s parents house over the weekend for a second meal. Yum yum!

We baked an apple pie and chocolate chocolate chip cookies!

Thanksgiving Dinner

Apple Pie (Baked)

Chocolate Chocolate Chip Cookies

And a couple more pictures are on flickr too.