Monthly Archives: January 2009

Done with Winter?

It’s starting to get pretty cold outside, which makes me want to stay inside. Can I just hibernate for the winter?

Staying indoors, I just finished reading Pillars of the Earth. It’s probably one of the most violent, explicitly sexual, and Catholic books I’ve ever read. But it was exciting and held my attention. I breezed through the 900+ pages! So, I just bought the sequel, World Without End, but I haven’t started it yet.

Who wants to go outside and freeze? It’s this post-holiday time of year that I start to get annoyed with winter. Luckily Val keeps us warm with a plethora of knitted items. She just made these mittens for herself based on a pattern someone came up with that’s supposed to look like mittens the main character-girl wore in the movie Twilight:


She also made me this awesome scarf, although I did help out with a few rows of it!

Ian wearing Noro striped scarf-1

Yesterday was interesting. We bundled up and went over to our friend’s Rachel’s place. She prepared a meal solely of dipping items. Dessert was of course fondue. She brought it out and was chatting with Val while I was playing a little Mario on her NES when suddenly I hear a loud CRACK! It startled me and my initial reaction was that I dropped something on her glass coffee table! I look down and realized what happened. For some reason her ceramic fondue pot cracked clear in half! It had the sterno underneath it, but it was made to be a fondue pot! Pretty scary, but luckily no injuries.

One sad thing is that my cell phone has finally let me down. I’ve had my EnV for 2+ years and it’s been a good companion, but alas the battery will no longer hold a significant charge. Now I am faced with a dubious dilemma: what to get next? Do I stick with Verizon and get something like the EnV2? Do I get a fancy phone like a Blackberry or do I leave Verizon and give in to the iPhone hype? I’m not really considering Android because tmobile’s coverage map is not that impressive. I think I’m excited by the iPhone, but I’m not sure if I want to pay extra every month for it!

If I do decide to get an iPhone, I’m pretty sure Val will want one too! I’m already out of my contract, but Val still has enough month to go. Regardless of what we do, we’ll probably team up and do a family plan (how cute, eh?). I think Val is excited by the iPhone, although she tells me we should save our money and buy a house or a Nintendo Wii instead. Decisions, decisions!

And now it’s another Sunday. Sigh. Weekends go by too fast, but at least we can think of planning fun lunches for the work week. It’s mostly because of Val that we have pretty lunches like this:

January laptop lunches-5

We’ve been trying to eat somewhat healthy (and save some money by not buying lunch every day). So far these bento / laptop lunches keep us entertained.