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Oh hai!

Hey, how’s it going? Long time, no see! I know you must be sitting at home wondering day in and day out what is up with Ian and Val (dot com)?!? We’ve been busy with a ton of stuff and I will confide in you that I haven’t been posting much. Let’s give a quick round-up of what we’ve been up to:


Anniversary Flowers and Meal-2

We celebrated our one-year anniversary! Can you believe it? We treated ourselves to a fancy meal and stay at the Wayside Inn (where we got married). Here’s us by the grist mill:

Ian and Val by Grist Mill-3

Siblings birthdays have happened. On Chris’s birthday, for some reason nobody was in the mood for corner or even any end piece!


Adam shared a cake with us (for our anniversary):

Walk for Hunger. We joined some of our college alumni (okay, more like alumni who happen to be staff) to do the Walk for Hunger. Now we know we can (barely) physically walk 20 miles straight.
Walk for Hunger-8

Gore Place Fiber Fest. Val is definitely still up to her knitting tricks. We once again went to the Gore Place sheep shearing event to look through yarn and watch guys jump around in excitement:

2009 Gore Place Sheep Shearing Festival-7

Val also had a birthday. We’re now the same age again. Look cute flowers:

Webs. As a sort of birthday treat, we traveled to Webs (the physical store for Look at Val with her cute bag:
Val at Webs

The only treat Val really needed was that her favorite band of all time (Green Day of course) has released a new album! As a special treat, I purchased a thing online so she could download the MP3s right away and later this month she will be receiving a package with CD, vinyl and artwork. Should be cool.
Val and I are enjoying going on some bike rides together though we want to do it even more. Val’s pretty good considering she just learned how to ride last Spring! We got a bike rack for our car recently, so that should help expand the bike riding fun.
Bike Gears

I graduated from Brandeis (again). I attended Brandeis’s commencement and received my Master of Science degree in Information Technology Management.

Our friend Sue also got her Masters (on the same day). We were able to help her celebrate a few weeks later at a little party. Not too long before though, we were are her home for a nice dinner. Let’s just say, Sue can get silly:

Sue gets silly

Ali’s graduation! Val’s sister, Ali, graduated from High School! w00t!
Ali's Graduation-65

Her graduation was pretty massive (nearly 500 students). That was so many that they held the event at the DCU Center! Crazy! After she graduated we went out for a great meal at a fancy Italian restaurant called Via. The food was great and there was yummy gelato for dessert! Always remember that desert is the sandy places and dessert is the treat — you put in the extra ‘S’ because you always want seconds of dessert (not sand).

We’re so proud of Ali! She’ll be attending UMass in the Fall. Here’s Val with straight hair modeling a zipper hoodie for Ali’s new school:

Val with straight hair-10

Thanks for checking back at Coming soon…strawberries!