Monthly Archives: November 2009

We Moved!

This past Halloween Val and I moved into our new home! It’s all very exciting and very tiring! Thank you to everyone who came out and helped us make it happen!

This is a picture of our cute little Cape-style house (picture courtesy of Google Street View):

Picture of our house

I need to take pictures of my ownÂ…once I find the box with my camera in it! It wouldn’t hurt to put away some boxes too!

While the house is a complete mess of stuff to un-pack we were sure to have a bowl of candy ready by the door and we did get some cute trick-or-treaters!

Once we’ll a little more settled in we’ll have people over, but even now if you’re in the area and want to stop by just let us know! Maybe we’ll even let you un-pack a box.

And yes, if you know someone who wants to live in Waltham, there is an apartment with his/her/their name on it.