Pirates’ Booty at the Mad Raven (Trivia Night)

I’ve been taking a class Tuesday nights, but class was canceled. With all this free time (and no work tomorrow), Val gathered up a couple co-worker/friends and we headed to the Mad Raven for Trivia Night!

Val and Gwenn, contemplating our answer (or checking the score of the Red Sox game):
Val and Gwenn at Trivia Night

Note to the Mad Raven: Your dueling Web sites thing is weird.

What’s up with that? Well, no worries Mad Raven I won’t hold it against you.

Back to Trivia Night, we decided on the team name Pirates’ Booty, primarily because Daniel is a pirate and we wanted some booty (1st prize was a $50 gift certificate and 2nd prize was
a round of drinks).

Amy and Daniel deep in thought:
Amy and Daniel at Trivia Night

There were some tough questions and some we got right away. We started off mediocre, along with many other teams, but before we knew it we were in second place!

Caroline aka Zoolander
Caroline at Trivia Night

Then we pulled ahead one round and make it to first place! Unfortunately, we quickly dropped back down to second. Then came the final round…

Me (Ian), designated team scribe:
Ian Thinking at Trivia Night

Yes, Pirates’ Booty did maintain its second place standing and won a round of drinks! Woo hoo!

It was very exciting and I think a fun evening was had by all. Just in case you ever need to know, the official size of an Olympic ping pong table is 76cm tall and 9ft long.
Reflecting on our second place victory I came to thinking about the meaning of seond place. I think in light of this evening I will agree with ZDSBS (shown here with the worlds largest carrot slice), when he says, “I think its more interesting to look at the second best before looking at the first best.”

ZDSBS was not in attendance at this evening. He is shown here because I’ve been wanting to post this wacky picture of him holding a slice of carrot.
Zach (ZDSBS) with onion slice

That said, maybe next time we can get first…

One thought on “Pirates’ Booty at the Mad Raven (Trivia Night)

  1. zdsbs

    Not to contradict myself… but lately I’ve been into the philosophy of a certain Ricky Bobby. He says, “If you ain’t first, you’re last”.

    That Ricky Bobby is pure genius.

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