The Great Outdoors: Camping in Maine

Ian in Acadia

Val and I packed up our bags, hopped in the car and drove about 5 hours north until we reached Acadia National Park in Maine. It was nice to take a nice long drive in the car, seeing as our typical drives are quite short.

We went to Acadia last year, so it was nice to come back. This year, we stayed, Wednesday and came home on Saturday. We camped in a tent, roasted marshmallows and made s’mores. We also caught up with re-reading Harry Potter books! :)

Val in Maine

We spent time walking around and going on small hikes. Val packs great lunches!


We walked along the coast to admire the trees, mountains and ocean views.

Ocean Path

Sailboat in Maine

Acadia is beautiful and has many natural wonders. Even just looking up at the sky looks different. At night, without the city lights, you can see so many stars!

Back along the coast, one such natural wonder is known as Thunder Hole:

Thunder Hole

We traveled up Cadillac mountain and enjoyed the high-altitude view.

Green Moutains in Acadia

Calm water and perfect sky in Acadia

Looking out from Cadillac Mountain
Down the mountain, we explored through Acadia’s Wild Gardens, showcasing various plants.

Wild Gardens of Acadia

There were pretty flowers

Pretty Pink Flower

as well as interesting creatures, such as this blue dragonfly:

Blue dragonfly

On our last day, we stopped by Jordan’s Pond Tea House, sat outside on with a great view of the pond and the nearby mountains. I wasn’t in the mood for tea, so I ordered an iced cappuccino (Val got the tea), but were were both sure to try their pop-overs! Yum!

Overall it was relaxing and enjoyable. We also spent some time in Bar Harbor, going into shops, and had a nice meal. For dessert, ice cream! Val got Black Raspberry Disaster and I had Moose Tracks (or something like that).

We can’t decide if we want to regularly go back, or try somewhere new!