Chris and Elly

Val’s brother Chris and his girlfriend Elly came over our apartment last night. We went out to eat for some food. We went to a Japanese/Korean/Thai restaurant called Asian Grill. I’ve never been out to eat there, but I think I’ve had take-out from there before. Val and I got some Korean noodle dish with beef and Pad Thai. Val’s brother and girlfriend were more into fish. Chris got a big bowl of raw fish on rice (eww). Elly’s food was cooked. It looked like a giant stone cauldron of soup with thick noodles and random sea creatures. It was massive. She seemed to enjoy it though.

Back at our apartment, Chris and Elly suggested that Chris leave his shoes outside. After he took them off I walked by them and realized why. I think we were all happy they stayed outside. As a token of my appreciation I Febreezed them when he wasn’t looking.

Febreezing Shoes

We spent most of the night playing on our computers. We had a good time.

Chris and Elly playing on laptops