They Are Back

I saw a sign at Stop and Shop that said:

There back !!!
A slice of cake

This was funny to me.

A Slice Of Cake Sign

  1. Content is ridiculously silly. (A slice of cake is back?!? No way!)
  2. I know I make typos on — I type sort of stream of conscious — but if I’m making a sign for a display, I’d like to think I would read it over and make sure I use the right word (there versus they’re).
  3. What is with the punctuation (!!! on one line, nothing on the other)?

See, I told you it was funny.

3 thoughts on “They Are Back

  1. Sister

    Not only those three reasons, but it’s telling you they’re back – a slice of cake. They are back, a slice of cake. That just seems to be further grammatically incorrect =P

  2. ian

    Good catch Ali. That’s pretty funny. Is there one slice or many one-slices? Hard to tell without looking at the table full of cake. I could go for a slice of cake right about now…I wonder if they’re back?

  3. ian

    I was recently at Stop & Shop and saw they had slices of cake. This time, perhaps they learned their lesson, as the sign simply read “Slices of Cake.”

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