Val and I went to visit her family (her mom, dad & sister) in Spencer recently. It’s not that far away, but once you go west of Worcester, things get weird. For example, on Rt. 9 in Leicester we saw a person dancing on the sidewalk dressed as a Care Bear.

Care Bear

I have no idea why there was a Care Bear in Leicester. The only two businesses near the Care Bear was a place called the Candy Boutique and another called the Hair Force. So, who knows.

Once we made it to their house it was great — it smelled like cake. Val’s sister, Alison made a FunFetti cake (yum!). As usual, Ali stood out the most in the house. She looked like an anime character.

Ali Smedile

I thought it was a cool look, but it was confusing because she was wearing a Green Day zippered sweatshirt and Val has the same one. Crazy sisters. At least Val wasn’t wearing it at the same time.

We mostly hung out and ate, watched some TV. There was some WWII drama on. It wasn’t that good, but I think I was the only one that watched it. Occasionally Ali would ‘ooh’ at the TV because we all know how she wished she lived in black and white days…although she might not know how to make her hair stand out as much.

We’ll probably go see my family soon. My dad and sister still haven’t seen Val with glasses. Val likes being able to see better, but doesn’t like wearing glasses. We took a few pictures to post, but she didn’t like the way they looked. She’ll probably get made at me for posting this one of her wearing her new glasses, so don’t tell!

Val with fake glasses