What’s New on IanAndVal.com

IanAndVal has a new look! Well, for those of you subscribing to our RSS feed, that pretty much means diddly-squat. But, I know at least some people are taking the effort to open up a Web browser and travel all the way to our little Web space. So for you, I hope you enjoy (feel free to comment what you think).

Knit Fist

Besides the new look, we have also added a Knitting Corner, a space dedicated to Val’s hobby/obsession. Be sure to check that out!

Please note the site enhancements are a work in progress and will probably change in the coming days/weeks/months/etc.

One thought on “What’s New on IanAndVal.com

  1. Sister

    I liked it so far! Very nice. The knitting corner is a nice addition. I especially enjoy the picture of Ian’s unfinished rectangle. I’ve got one of those too =]]

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