Valentine’s Snow Day

I woke up this morning and jumped out of bed (okay more of a roll) and quickly made my way to the window. My face was sullen as I threw the curtains open and saw only a light dusting.

Looks like there will be work today. I check my work email to confirm this, although a couple co-workers (that don’t live in Waltham) decided to work from home.

By the time Val and I were leaving for work there was more snow and the streets didn’t look great. We took it slow and it was fine. Soon enough I was at work.

Ian's Work Desk

It wasn’t a bad work day. My two meetings were canceled so I got some work done. The snow continued to come down, but it looked nice and I was warm inside.

Snow day at Brandeis Snow day at Brandeis

The funny thing about working at a university is the students. Many of them were bundled up for the weather with their hats and gloves and warm jackets. One student who walked by my window, however, was wearing a burger king crown!

Snow King

As you can see, we were up to a few inches of snow and it was still snowing (and hailing at times). Around 2:00 an announcement was made that the university would be closing at 3:30. Neat. So, I finished up what I was doing and headed home.

I understand it was snowing out. I try to drive carefully and I’m sure others do to. There’s a couple types of snow drivers:

  1. People who drive carefully
  2. People who think they’re driving carefully by traveling at about 2 mph
  3. People who think people who drive carefully are wimps and drive recklessly

Nobody drives normally. Here’s an example. We get to a red light. I want to go straight so I stay in the go straight lane and stop for the red light. On my left there’s a couple cars in the left turn lane. On my right (in the right turn only lane) a taxi speeds by me and takes the turn. Then a BMW comes speeding down the right turn lane, slows down a little, puts on his directional to turn LEFT, swerves in front of me, then stops in the middle of the intersection.

As BMW waits for the green he continues to inch up to make sure its difficult for pedestrians and traffic.

While we continue to have a red light the light turns green for LEFT turns only. One person in the lane turns left, then the other swerves in front of me. At this point the BMW runs the red light, then the person in the left turn lane follows suit. Then another person in the left turn lane goes straight at the red light!

People are insane!

We finally get back to our apartment, shovel the steps, and shuffle the cars around because right when we get home the landlord is coming to plow the driveway. At least I didn’t have to shovel the whole thing though.

Val and I decided to stay home and relax for Valenetine’s Day, especially with the snow out. We made veggie fajitas for dinner and then Val made some themed sugar cookies for dessert (yes, any cookie is a sugar cookie).

Valentine's Cookies Valentine's Cookies Valentine's Cookies


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  1. amphiboly

    Nice lamp! I knew this crazy guy who used to walk out to parking lots with scraps of paper taped to his back while wearing an outrageous broad-brimmed hat who had a lamp that looked something like that.

    The cookies look tasty…

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