King Richard’s Faire

Parade @ KRF

The Faire! The Faire! Yes, it is September, so that means King Richard’s Faire. Present at this adventure were Rachel of the West, Adam the brother, Ali sister of Val, and us.

For those not familiar with the faire, see this link:

It was a hot day, so it was hard to dress up. I wore a blue tunic over my regular clothes. Val didn’t dress up, but picked an outfit that seemed peasant-like. Rachel also didn’t dress up, but Adam was a elf-like creature and Ali was in full-blue-regalia (dress).

Adam @ KRF

Ali likes to stand out, so it’s pretty funny when a stranger (an adult woman) approaches her, compliments the attire and asks if she can photograph her. Pretty funny.

We watched some of the shows, explored a weird dungeon, sent Adam through a maze, and more. We didn’t watch the cleavage contest, although that was happening while we were there! The funniest thing about the cleavage contest was not the overflowing boobage, but the guest judges: Ernie Boch Jr. and the drummer from Boston.

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