King Richard’s Faire (again)

Yesterday we went to King Richard’s Faire for a second/last time for the season. If you recall the last time we went it was too hot for Val to even dress up. Yesterday it was cool outside — around 60 degrees Fahrenheit when we got there.

Val and I went with her sister, her brother, and her brother’s girlfriend. We all dressed up!

King Richard's Faire Group Shot

Ooh, my outfit/costume, you ask? Where’d that come from? I bought it at a fancy store called Val. Yes…Val made it! She bought a pattern for like $2 then spent some money on fabric, but she measured me, cut it out and sewed it all together. Pretty cool! The gold trim she added around the edges really helps the look come together. She did have some help from one of her co-workers that regularly does sewing.
Val dressed up at KRF
Isn’t Val cute? :)

Pretty much once we arrive Ali happened to stumble upon someone she knew who lived in the area. She spent some time with us, then went wandering around the forest with her hooligans.

Ali and Friends at KRF

Luckily Chris and Ellen did hang out with us. They looked good in their costumes. Elly put together much of her outfit, which is pretty neat.
Chris and Elly at KRF

And Chris looked much better than he did last year!

Chris last year!

We wandered through the shops, ate food, and took part in an archery competition. Chris FTW!