Billy Bragg

Val and I drove all the way to Northampton (aka NoHo) to see Billy Bragg in concert. Before the concert we hung around downtown. Val was thrilled because she got to visit a big yarn store called Webs. I was impressed by it because this store actually has the domain name!

Webs was also pretty big. It had different sections of yarn and yarn accessories as well as books. But, that wasn’t all! They also have a large “warehouse” area in the back where you can look at the shelves of infinite yarn.

Val at Webs

Okay, Val like yarn. Get it? Okay.

After yarn shopping we had time to grab a bite to eat. Not knowing where to go (although I’m sure we could have picked something) we thought it would be fun to be like Rachel Ray and ask a local what’s good. We chose the cashier, who suggested Fitz Willy’s. Ehhh….it was OK. My “tip” to the waitress said it all:

  • Nice waitress
  • Decent food
  • Long wait for food

Don’t worry, don’t worry — I also gave a monetary tip. I just like leaving notes on receipts. The service was really slow though and it wasn’t the waitresses fault. She even came over and apologized saying that the kitchen was crazy. No harm done though and like I said, the food was alright.

We then walked a short ways over to the Calvin Theater got our tickets from will call and found our seats. Certainly not up close, but not too far back either. The opener was a guy named David Berkeley. He was kind of funny and had some good songs and a few sleepy ones. After the show I bought his album “After the wrecking ships” (I picked that one because I asked the artist which I should get if I’m only getting one!).

Billy Bragg puts on a good show and we were happy we came to check him out. Played some songs, told some stories — it was fun. He doesn’t come around all that often, so it was cool to get to see him. We saw him once before a few years ago in Sommerville.

Billy Bragg
[Cell phones don't make good cameras, esp. at concerts.]

That was our Thursday night. Got back late, but it was fine because we both decided to start our weekend early!

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  1. MotoTrix

    I read this whole entry thinking you were talking about a YAM store. I’m sorry I silently judged you for visiting a YAM store.

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