Maize Maze

On Saturday we celebrated the birthday of our friend Rachel by joining her and some other of her friends at Davis’ Farm for their corn maze. I’ve never been in a corn maze before! We entered the Lost Vegas maze and were led into a small wooden green box where we were played an introductory video.

The video was funny in a silly lame-on-purpose type of way. The employee girl who talked to us was funny in a I’m-silly-in-a-sorta-high kind of way. After the introduction, we started wandering through the maze. There was corn everywhere!

Here’s a picture of Gyodi wandering through the maze.

Gyodi in corn maze

Gyodi is a stranger, but she seemed nice and I carried some apples for her. All of Rachel’s other friends (including the many other Rachels) were fun to hang around with. Liz taught us all how to do a bumble bee dance.

Eventually we got to a bridge so we could look around from above.

Corn Maze

Wow! That’s corn!

Eventually we found our way out. And by found our way out I mean after two hours we asked for help and took a shortcut out of the crazy corn entanglement.

After the maze we weren’t done with the farm. Slow down!

Whoa! Stop!

“Saddle-up folks ride safely” — I didn’t know that saddle-up folks ride safely. To tell you the truth I don’t even know what a saddle-up folk is. Anyways, we went apple picking (remember I carried Gyodi’s apples?).

After Davis’ farm we went back to Rachel’s and had some chips, dips, fajitas and homemade ice cream. We also watched sticky-animal things race down the wall.

Sticky things race

I wonder which won! They never actually moved from the spot I threw them on.

The food was good and it was a fun time. One of the Rachels was another Brandeis Rachel we know (gasp! Another Rachel from Brandeis?!?).

Rachel Allen