Emily and the attic

My sister recently moved out of my parents house into a house in the big city, rooming with a friend of hers from high school. I joined her and her hot dog associate in moving her stuff to her new place. Basically we moved her mattress, boxspring, a small bureau and many garbage bags full of clothes.

Once at her place there were some stairs to get to their front door. Then more stairs to get to where they live. Then a final, narrow set of stairs to get to Emily’s room.

Emily on stairs

It wasn’t bad, but I was a little concerned about toppling over the railing (or the railing just breaking). Eventually we got her stuff in and thankfully no injuries!

How’s Emily enjoying life at her new place?

Well, the good news is she’s learning to cook!

Emly cooks!

I went back the other day to help them setup their cable and Internet. They sure do love the Web.

Emily and Carolyn

Nice place!

The only bad news with Emily roaming the streets is that she’s just learning about the great big city. To celebrate their new place, they went out to a nearby bar. Emily places her jacket (just momentarily) down with some other coats. She turns back around and her coat is gone. The details are that her jacket pocket was filled to the brim with things like her license, $50, keys and cell phone. My parents had to change their locks since one of the keys was their house key (and her license has their address on it)!

Crazy. Poor Emily! It’s sad and annoying for her. It’s kind of funny to me and I’ll continue to tease her that it must have been her first time going out in public!

Oh well…lesson learned…I hope!

Then again, she could pull a Peter (as the expression goes)! This Peter is of course Val’s dad’s amazing co-worker. His story is that his car was stolen from his residence because he always parks with his keys in the ignition. Lesson learned? Well, let’s just say he “pulled a Peter” and had his second car stolen within the month…with the keys in the ignition. Gee willikers!