Brandeis Trash (or fake trash?)

Brandeis Trash

Brandeis students had a big outdoor display yesterday with trash from campus. The goal, I think, is to get people to create less waste and to recycle as much as possible. A great idea with an innovative way of showing how much trash the campus generates.

My question is to the validity of the trash. Did they use real trash? If so, how did they coordinate that with the staff? Did they tell them collect the trash then spread it out, then go back and get it and really throw it away before the raccoons come? Wouldn’t there be concerns with sanitation?
Or is it fake trash? If so, isn’t that just making more trash?

These are the things I think about while I walk from my car to my office.

One thought on “Brandeis Trash (or fake trash?)

  1. ian

    Dave says:

    They do work with the Brandeis staff to collect trash. They then go through it to find all the recyclables. Pretty effective strategy.

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