Wedding Plans!

I’m sure planning a wedding is tough, but what’s even harder is planning to plan. What I mean is figuring out the basic idea of what to do.

We went through many high-level ideas that basically narrow down to the following themes:

  1. Big wedding
    1. Pro: The wedding of dreams and puffins
    2. Negative: Too many Benjamins (dollar billz) needed
  2. Medium wedding
    1. Pro: More affordable (but still will cost alot)
    2. Con: Not everyone gets invited. People will be left out.
  3. Small wedding with casual party at later date
    1. Pro: More affordable than big wedding.
    2. Con: Small wedding would be very small (which could be nice I guess)

Anyways…we’re tired of not having a plan, so here it is. We’re getting married in April and are going to have a very small ceremony (and meal after). Too late to change our minds. I just mailed the deposit, so take that!

So that actual wedding is less than five months away! Like I said, it will be small (practically just immediate family). Potentially in the summer we will have a larger more casual party, so stay tuned for that.

What do you think?