Friday night rock & roll

Have any plans tomorrow night? Want to hang out and have some drinks with friends? How about watch Val’s dad rock out?

Yes, that’s right. Val’s dad’s band, Siren, will be performing Friday
night (12/7/2007) at JJ’s Sports Bar and Grill.

Siren is a rock band that plays cover songs ranging from Classic Rock -
to Motown – to brand new hits. Band members have over a half of a
century of experience between them having played in some of the area’s
best Top 40 and original rock bands before creating Siren.

What time will they be on? Well, that’s tough to say. Either 9:30pm or
11:30pm. JJ’s is having two bands perform Friday night and plans to see
which one is more popular. It all starts with a coin toss at 8:45pm to
see who goes on first!



Hope to see you there!