Hey everyone. Sorry for the delayed reply. Let me tell you how the night with Val’s dad’s band (Siren) went.

We get there and the bar’s signs are lit up to show the two band’s names.

JJ Bar Sign

Siren had a decent sized crowd. I’m not sure exactly how many, but a bunch of Val’s dad’s co-workers (including the amazing Peter) and other band members had people too. Val and I attended of course, and our friend Sue came with a date. Sue’s date and I knocked back a couple colas as we watched the show.

Siren proceeded to rock with some of their favorite covers for a nice set.


When they were done the establishment said, “get back over there!” Apparently the other band promised to bring 100 people, but they only brought a grand total of themselves (aka zero people). JJ’s actually told them to pack up and go home. Kind of weird, but more Siren (hooray). They went back and played a nice long set, took a break then played a third set — in total about 40 songs.

As the night dwindled to a close, I noticed something about Sue’s date. She was a bit silly. And I was having a hard time believing it was from the couple sips of Sue’s beer that she stole. By the time she was outside throwing up I said, “Wait a second…that’s not soda you’re drinking!” She was so drunk that I ended up driving her (brand new) car to Sue’s place (just down the street).

Good times.