Grammy (Of Val): August 25, 1909 – January 12, 2008

On January 12th Val’s great grandmother passed away. She was a nice 98 years old. You can read about her 98th birthday party on our August 28th post.

There was a wake on Thursday then the funeral was on Friday. It was sad, but not too sad. She lived a nice long life and it wasn’t completely unexpected. The funeral got together a lot of this section of Val’s family. Gram has 3 children (one who is Val’s grandmother, of course), 19 grandchildren (one being Val’s mom), 30 great grandchildren (one being Val), and 1 great great grandchild (a 7 month old)! Pretty impressive!

Gram also had two siblings, one of which (Al) is still alive. Not only was he at the funeral, but his family (including grandchildren) were in attendance.

It was nice to see everyone, even though it was under sad circumstances.