Wedding Plans Progressing

Wow, it’s been a year since I proposed to Valerie! Happy one-year engagement-versary!

Wedding plans are coming along. We have a date and location all set. We are doing a very small ceremony and meal (pretty much just immediate family), so I apologize that you’re not invited. Really, I do. We’d like you to attend, but like I said in the previous wedding post, we can’t handle a large event.

We are hoping to have a casual summer party where we invite more people. We have done zero planning for that though. Feel free to help get us started! For now, we’re focused on the actual wedding. We have booked things like a photographer and someone to marry us, so things are coming along. Val even purchased her gown and will be getting it fitted this coming week.

Progress is happening and it’s getting closer! Keep your eye on the counter in the top left for the up-to-date countdown to our wedding. It’s exciting and stressful! Well, really the only stress I have is attempting to minimize Val’s stress! I’m looking forward to the wedding and I hope we also get to pull off the casual summer party (see you there).