Pub Trivia, Visiting Friends, and Happy Valentine’s Day

Wow, so in less than two months we’ll be married, can you believe it? What else is going on in our lives, you ask? Let’s

Val likes making No Pudge Brownies:

No Pudge Brownies

And I like eating those brownies!

A couple of weeks ago I went out with some people for pub trivia. It was fun, but our team, “Totally Random Wins” came in seventh place. :(

The good news was our friend Becky came out to play. If you don’t know Becky, she’s a college friend of ours that once dated one of the tallest guys in the world (true story).


On the subject of people from college, Val and I visited our friend’s Cecil (Ajit) and Sindhu — they’re also engaged (hooray!). It was nice to see them as it’s been a while. Sindhu was her same wacky self spilling and breaking things. It was great! =)

Now, I’m sure the reason you’re all here is to find out what Val and I did for Valentine’s Day. The truth is not that much! It’s kind of a silly holiday and going out to do anything romantic on the day is usually too hectic. I did buy Val some candy though (it was in a heart-shaped thing!). Actually after work before we got some dinner, Val went to a dress shop for a fitting for her wedding gown, so that’s kind of romantic, right? Oh and since I made our lunches, I packed Val’s with a special Valentine’s Day note:

Love-Lunch Note

Romantic, right?