Stop. Now shop. Ok?

Okay, this is a weird post. It’s about a regional grocery store chain in which they encourage you to first stop, then shop.

Signature Signing Thingies

The store’s self checkout lines can be convenient especially with their hand-held scanners so you can scan as you go. It’s quite fun. The only negative I have is when you pay with a credit card and it asks you to sign your name. The thing is horrible, given that it’s probably because of people pressing to hard, using real pens, etc. The outcome is that you can’t sign your name on it, so mine comes out looking something like this:

Signature at Stop and Shop

I figure that since the area where my name goes doesn’t really work, I might as well color in a nice border (the only area where you can really write anything). I’ve complained to them about it, even though I know the signature unfortunately doesn’t really mean much.
The Economy

So, we get a coupon in the mail from the store for 5% off a shopping order. Not bad. Two funny things about it. The first is the small print. It excludes the things you would assume like gift cards and pharmacy items. The one item I was surprised to see on the list? Milk. Isn’t that bizarre? I suppose it’s not unexpected, but more a little sad. The main thing that caught my eye was the rhetoric of the ad. It claims that last year they were able to lower prices despite consumer prices rising — that’s the type of thing I would expect to see. What I didn’t expect to see was them outright saying that the economy is changing and that they will be raising prices. They go on to say “when costs come down, so will our prices.” I actually appreciate the honesty, so I guess the advertisement worked on me. It is a little scary though and I wonder how bad the economy will get.

It’s not Passover yet!

A few weeks ago we were at the store and we noticed that the sales and special items aisle was stocked with Matzah. It is not Passover yet. It’s February. When we went more recently they completely decked out the aisle with more Passover products and hung Stars of David from the ceiling.

Passover Already?

Yeah…it’s February. I’ll let you put out the St. Patrick’s day green muffins, but it’s a little early for Passover and Easter items. I mean, when I was at a convenience store that had both Valentine’s day and Easter candy for sale simultaneously, it makes one wonder why can’t we celebrate holidays individually and around the time that they each occur?