It’s getting close

Can you believe we’re less than a month until we’re married? Goodness!

Things are coming along — most things are taken care of, but there’s still enough little details to keep us busy (and keep Val worried!). I’m getting pretty excited though!

To get us in the mood for a wedding, we attended a friend’s wedding this past weekend. Look at us all relaxed, cool, and having fun at the reception:

Ian and Val at Stephanie's Wedding

What else is going on? I feel like I’m always talking about us and don’t ask you how you are doing. What’s up? Hope all is well.

On a random note, after work yesterday, I was walking to my car/Val. It was quiet out and a little rainy. But, right as I walk past the Campus Center, the doors burst open and students pour our chanting about the war being “bullshit!” — they seemed pretty intense, at least for the first few seconds.

Brandeis Students Protest War

I’m going to be critical — sorry, students. I’m all for you protesting, but I’m not sure I understand your logic. Who are you protesting to? Other Brandeis students? It was after 5, so you wouldn’t even have staff or many faculty around. How about you take your signs and chants and perhaps organize something somewhere more meaningful? The nation’s capital? Okay, how about the state’s capital? Town hall at least? Okay, okay…just wander the local streets? Well, maybe you did all those things. But, I only saw you in the middle of campus, chanting to an audience of…well, pretty much just me.