Thanks for lunch!

Today was quite the eventful wedding-ish day!

The day started normal with work, but I knew there was more coming. Val’s office had a lunch planned for us, but while I knew about it, it was a surprise for Val. They told me what time to get her from the office and what time to bring her to a local restaurant. It was up to me to figure out the rest!

Balloons from Rabb wedding lunch

When I was on my way I sent a text message to Amy. I got Val and it was pretty hard to stop smirking. I laughed as she stood around outside sending a text message to her sister, knowing that her co-workers are waiting for us to leave.

We drive off and I get a text message from Amy, “Go Slow!” Ha! I think fast and tell Val it’s a message from Verizon about my auto-payment (I did get one of those the day before).

Val and I went to Town Hall for an actual errand. Our marriage license was ready to be picked up! Yay! Check that off the list!

That was pretty fast and I wasn’t sure how much more time we had to kill. I told Val we should get some clothes to drop off at the dry cleaner’s from our place, since we were close by. It was pretty fast to grab the dry cleaning so then I went to the bathroom, turned the water on, shut off my phone’s sound and sent a text to Amy to see if they were ready — they were!

Val and I leave and I tell her I want sweet potato fries from the tavern near our apartment. We park and walk to the door — I notice Gwenn’s car and try to distract Val. She didn’t seem to pick up on it. We’re inside and I don’t have a clue what to do! I let the waiter seat us at a table for two — right nearby the room with all of Val’s co-workers.

We sit down and I’m giggling not knowing what to do next! At first Val thinks I’m looking at the TV behind her. Then see them:

“Hey look, Janice is here…and Sybil. Wait, my whole office is here. Why didn’t I get invited? Wait, what’s going on here?”


Val at Rabb Wedding Lunch Party

I was surprised at all the presents they got us! It was very thoughtful.

Presents from Rabb wedding lunch party

Val chose a salad and I went for the buffalo chicken sandwich.

Ian at Rabb Wedding Lunch Party

Eventually we went back to work then after work did more wedding errands. I’m tired!