Let’s Do This Wedding Thing!

We’re cute. Earlier this week I prepared lunches — just PB & J sandwiches. When I wasn’t looking, Val snuck four fortune cookies in my lunch, so that was a treat. After eating her own lunch, Val asked me if I added honey to her sandwich (and told me I shouldn’t). Instead of replying, I sent her this picture:

PB, J, and Love

Yes, that’s a heart-shaped dab of blueberry honey. I’m cute.
Yesterday at work was even better. In general, neither of us expected many presents, but our co-workers are great. You already know about Val’s office (and a co-worker of mine also gave a lovely gift), but yesterday my office took their turn — and we were both surprised. I’m at my desk doing work and Val sends me a message.

Val: I have to come to Feldberg for a meeting.
Ian: Okay, I should be around. Feel free to say hi.

I go about my business. Around 1pm my phone rings. Billy (my boss’s boss) is calling from the conference room downstairs.

Billy: Ian, I’m in a meeting. Grab Jim and Garth and come down here. We have some technical questions.
Ian: Sure. On my way.

I then tell Jim that Billy wants us downstairs. Jim was great playing along.

Jim: Did Billy mention what the questions are about?
Ian: Umm. No. He just said “technical questions.”
Jim: Oh, that Billy… (I’m paraphrasing)

I get downstairs to the conference room and it is packed with people. What can this meeting be about?

After they all joke about having some tough questions and tease me for bringing a notepad and pen, they pull out a present! Yay!

But, not until they said I had to wait for Val, did I realize her Feldberg meeting was this! They tricked her too!

Val shows up, not knowing what to expect. They told her it was a meeting about technical problems with her office’s web site. Val shows up with her co-worker and sees the crowded room. Val’s first reaction was that she was at the wrong meeting and her second reaction was confusion! Then she walked in the room (was pushed in the room?) and saw me and the present!

They all laughed because Val, like me, came with pen and notepad!
And guess what! They gave us the robot vacuum (Roomba) that we wanted! Sweet!

Roomba from work!

Very cool.

As people started to leave, Amy had the best comment.

Amy: How come Billy didn’t share his wine with anyone? Was he just drinking out of the bottle?!?
Ian: Oh. Ha…don’t ask me. Some people here just think wine bottles make good water bottles.

Yeah. Random!
Later, my former boss and a co-worker took Val and I out for some good eats.


Val and I both got the steak tips! Yum!

Ian stencil with MacBook Pro

Anyways, Val and I took off work today and tomorrow so that we can make final preparations for the wedding (on Sunday)! It’s getting more exciting and seeming more real! Val picked up her wedding dress today! :)

The chuppah is…okay. We tried setting it up outside as a test. It stands. It should be okay. I was hoping it would be sturdier. We are going to tie some ribbon to hold it, which might help. I only pretend to be mechanically-savvy. Everything I’ve ever built is held together with tape and string!

Val’s also working on some small projects. We bought a small wooden box for my brother to carry our wedding bands in as he walks down the aisle. Val painted the top a nice turquoise color and painted the sides so that it looks stained.

Val Painting Ring Box

Meanwhile I’m across the room, typing this and kind of just goofing off…on my new work laptop! Yeah, my MacBook Pro came in! Now I can be all kinds of productive:

Ian artsy with MacBook Pro


Ian comic with MacBook Pro

It’s almost our wedding!