Wedding Today!

Last night was hectic! Val and I (plus her sibs helped us) setup. We picked up the flowers we purchased from the florist at Stop and Shop. They look quite nice and they florists are very cute, leaving us notes wishing us a good luck.

We then went with the flowers and other supplies to the wedding location. We show up at the Inn and it’s pretty busy — they apparently have a party going on. We explain to the staff that we’re here to setup. We were told in advance that not only could we put stuff in the reception room, but that the tables should already be set. Instead, we were now told there’s a function going on in that room.


So, we left all the stuff in the functions office with notes. They told us they’d take care of setting our stuff up and refrigerating the flowers, so hopefully that worked out. I think I might go earlier than I was planning today to make sure things are looking good.

Next stop, a few feet over to the chapel. We have to setup our Chuppah! It took us longer than we thought, but I think it came out looking alright. Seems sturdy, so I’m hoping it’s not in a pile when we get back there today!

The main negative with the chapel is that when we asked in advance about the take-down of the Chuppah, we were told that we could do it after our reception (so we can change out of our clothes). Now, they tell us there’s been a last minute event added to the chapel after our ceremony, so the Chuppah needs to be removed before our reception is over.


Luckily a friend is going to take it down for us. I guess that’s a benefit of having a wedding so small!

Anyways, hopefully everything will go well today! Val and Ali are off getting their hair done. I’m done sleeping and I’m posting this morning mainly to give me something to do before I get ready!

Wish us luck!