We’re married, here’s a blog

Boo yea!

Ian and Val are married!

We’re married and I’m still posting, so I guess it’s time to update the tag-line for our website. By the way, thanks for visiting IanAndVal.com today.

Wow, we’re married! I have the most beautiful, amazing wife ever. Wow, a wife! Crazy!

Ian feeding Val some cake!

Yesterday was fantastic. Yes, there was a few things that didn’t go perfectly (e.g. the musicians were playing a wrong song for the processional), but it still sounded nice. There were also some really great surprises, such as the chapel ringing its bells when we walked outside just after getting married! That was awesome!

Definitely “mad props” go out to our siblings for being so extremely helpful. The wedding couldn’t have happened like it did without you!

Ian and Val with bling!

Yeah, you like our new marriage-bling.

These pictures are (clearly) unofficial wedding pictures. We will eventually have pictures taken by the photographer we hired! We’re certainly looking forward to that!

To see more unofficial wedding photos, hop on over to flickr.com!

Have some wedding photos? Send them to me at us@ianandval.com! Please note in the email if you do not want them posted to flickr. Thanks!