We’ve been married for two weeks and are loving it. We’re both smiling whenever we say husband and wife! I can’t believe the wedding is over though!

Breaking the glass at wedding ceremony

All the planning and build up! The special memories are still fresh at least!

One of the reasons we got married two weekends ago instead of this weekend is because we didn’t want to eat matzah instead of wedding cake! Last weekend we went over my parents’ house for the Seder. My grandmother (aka Nana) was still visiting from Florida. It was nice to be able to have her join us. My family is of course crazy with the Seder, mostly because we start late. After everything is done, Val and I probably didn’t get home until around 1am both nights!

The food was great at my parents’ house. I think the main reason Val enthusiastically attends is for the matzah ball soup! It is her favorite part of the Seder.
Over the past week, Val and I have both been pretty good about staying away from bread. I do it because it’s my religion and because it’s what I’ve always done! But what about Val? I think she does it for the challenge! She also says that it is much easier to prepare one OK-for-passover meal. That and it would be weird to eat bread right in front of me. Over the past week Val (and I) made some great passover dishes, including…

Passover Apple Muffins

Passover Apple Muffins

Matzah Lasagna (made with matzah, sauce, eggplant, zucchini, mushroom and spinach):

Matzah Lasagna
and this morning we made Passover popovers:

Passover Popover
We also made matzah brei, matzah meal latkes, matzah pizza, flourless chocolate cake, passover fruit cobbler and more. Overall it was a delicious week (although probably not the healthiest with the many eggs required in most recipes)!