Sheep Shearing Festival

Sign for sheep shearing festival

Yesterday Val, Ali (Val’s sister), and I attended a sheep shearing festival at Gore Place.

Ian, Val and Ali

It was a great day outside and was nice to walk around. The actual sheep shearing is a little weird and doesn’t look like fun for anyone involved.

Sheep shearing is weird

My favorite was seeing a sign for HoneyStix. When I think of HoneyStix I think of a country, perhaps even old-timey, treat. I certainly do not think of honey in a little plastic tube as it’s advertised: The Candy of the Future


What type of world would we live in where HoneyStix is futuristic candy?!?

Anyways, we did have fun, seeing animals like alpaca, checking out the vendors, seeing re-enactors and more.


The only negative about the day is that we forgot how badly Val burns!

Val burned

We have a set of 92 pictures from the day posted on Flickr.