Well, well, well…look what we have here

It’s a new post on IanAndVal.com!

I know some of you have expressed concerns about not seeing any new posts lately. To be honest, we were partially deciding what to do with ianandval.com now that we’re married. The decision is I’ll keep at it for a bit and see what happens.

So, what have we been up to? All sorts of fun stuff. We’ve celebrated my dad’s birthday, saw Ali win a duck certificate, and then went to a friend’s wedding.

Christal’s Wedding

The wedding was fun because it was the first wedding we attended since we were married. It was cute having a placecard labeled Mr and Mrs.

Val and Sue posing outside at Christal’s wedding.

Val and Sue

Father’s Day

We celebrated father’s day with my dad early. Hung out, ate food, etc. Then on actual father’s day, we went to Val’s family this year. Her siblings had a whole event planned, so we had to participate. Basically we made a whole big meal and it was yummy.

New Door

What else? I helped my dad replace the front door. We tried to do the whole job with a crowbar and a pair of pliers.

Crowbar Ian

Okay, that’s not true. But, we did replace the door. Here’s the new door after just being put in (note: this picture is pre-storm door and stuff):

New Front Door

An Event Apart

This past week was fun.On Monday and Tuesday I attended An Event Apart (a conference for people who do Web stuff). The conference was different than higher ed conferences I typically have gone to in the past. Some of the presentations were focused a bit much on the designing side of websites, but I think I was able to get some value out of it. Plus, I met some people and got to hang out with my co-workers. I’ll leave the picture of my boss’s boss wearing his “I Heart Nihilism” t-shirt off of here though.


To keep the fun going, Val and I took off Wednesday-Friday this week, without any real plans! So, that’s been nice. We did some boring things we didn’t have time to do (like clothing returns to stores), but also took time to go on adventures. For example, we went kayaking, which neither of us had done before! It was a lot of fun although Val got a little pink from the sun (and she wore sunscreen and a hat!). Anyways, it was a good time (and cheaper than us going to a movie…which we did later).

A Bit Stormy

Today it was a bit stormy, although I think I didn’t notice until it was over. We realized it was busy near our home and walked outside because it seemed like traffic was being diverted away from Main St.


Apparently a tree was knocked down in the storm and took down two utility poles with it! Eek! Luckily nobody was hurt. There were a few other instances like this around down and a couple thousand people without power (but things seem fine here for the moment).