Last weekend Val and I traveled down south to Florida to visit my grandmother and attend the unveiling for my grandfather’s gravestone.

We arrived Friday night we arrived at went straight to our hotel room. Next door the the hotel was a place (a store?) called the bedding barn, which surprisingly looked like a barn.

Bedding Barn

On Saturday we met up with my parents and brother and drove down to Key Largo. I’ve only been to the keys once before and Val’s never been, so that was nice. We all went on a glass bottomed boat to view fish and coral. I’m not the biggest fan of watching fish, nor was I thrilled to go on a boat, but I did it (good for me!).

Ian and Val on Boat

On Sunday we attened the unveiling and spent time with family (my grandmother, aunt, uncle, and cousin Monica). It was nice to see them all.

Then before we knew it, it was Monday and time to head back home. Val and I were happy to leave the humidity and to sleep in our own bed. We packed and then re-packed for our next adventure…