This past Saturday there was a little get together at Val’s aunt Cindy and uncle Tony’s house in NH. Cindy and Tony were amazing. Cindy is quite the hostess!

Cindy with Cake

Val’s brother Chris was also a big help. He just really likes setting things up. One of his official tasks was getting the frozen margarita machine up and running.

Chris and frozen margarita machine

Yes, that’s right. A frozen margarita machine!

And if that’s not enough, Val’s uncle Tim did a little ad-hoc rewiring for the frozen (virgin) daiquiri and piƱa colada machine (it needed 220 volts).

The party was a lot of fun. It was a little family get together with a few friends too.

if ( you were invited and came ) {

Thanks for coming! It was great to see you!


else if ( you were invited and didn’t come ) {

I’m sorry you couldn’t make it. It would have been nice to see you.


else {

Umm….this is awkward. Maybe we can just hang out sometime?


The weather was great and Val and I were happy to see people and eat their food. We supplied the music, which surprisingly people seemed to enjoy (it was quite eclectic!). Feel free to check out the playlist (exported from iTunes).

Val and Ian

And I think Adam had a good time playing with balloons. This one matched his shirt:

Family @ night

I think everyone who came had a good time and it made me want a house with a yard! More pictures on Flickr.