Apples Versus Bananas


Apples and bananas? That’s like comparing apples to oranges!

First of all, I never understood that expression. What is so wrong about comparing apples and oranges? They’re not so different that a comparison wouldn’t make sense. They’re both food and heck, they’re both hand-fruit! One is red, one is orange. I could compare the skin, taste, etc. And guess what, I just compared two fruit.

Could you compare other fruit? Oranges and kiwi? How about apples and bananas? I think, “that’s like comparing apples and bananas” has a nice ring to it. Of course you could compare them.


Seen above: Comparing bananas to pancakes.

Instead the expression should be something more outlandish like, “Hey, that’s like comparing apples to penguins” or maybe “You can’t go comparing apples and metal swingsets.” I’m sure there are even ways to make those comparisons, but at least it’s more of a stretch.


Two friends came over for dinner a little while back and they brought a fun game called Bananagrams. Basically it’s a banana filled with scrabble-like tiles. The game is basically Scrabble without a board…and there’s a banana involved. It was fun.

In fact, Bananagrams was so much fun that we had to get our own right away. Val called up a Barnes and Noble and asked if they had it in stock. They said yes and asked if we wanted to reserve a copy. Val said that wasn’t necessary, but they said it wasn’t a problem, so she replied, “Sure, put it under ‘Ian’.” Great.

We went to the store. They had plenty of Bananagrams, but instead I proudly marched up to the front counter, placed my hands on my hips and exclaimed, “Hello. I am here for the Bananagrams.” They reached up and handed me our reserved copy.

Days later we ended up playing Bananagrams with both of our families, who seemed to enjoy it. We ended up buying some for our sisters for Christmas and Chanukah. Unfortunately people enjoyed the game, so they already had copies of it! I think my sister bought one and received two as gifts! Ali only got two!
Oh well, live and learn. Bananagrams was becoming quite popular!

Revenge of Scrabble

Banangrams was getting increasingly more attention. They moved from bins in the game aisle to the center aisle. They got fun signs and hung from wall racks, in boxes and even had little packages hung from those banana holder things (you know the ones so your bananas don’t get bruised from being on the counter). I felt happy for Bananagrams. They seemed to be doing well.

In fact they seemed so popular in fact that one must wonder what Scrabble thinks. Now, I don’t know the real order of things or have any secret knowledge. All I know if that I recently went to Barnes and Noble and I have this whole imaginary story in my mind based on what I saw.

I think Scrabble was pissed. “How dare they!” they must have thought.

How dare Bananagrams sell a Scrabble-like game. So what if it doesn’t have a board or comes in a fruit. A fruit?!? What the heck! We can do that! We’re Scrabble. Let’s put Scrabble in a banana! No, that will seem like copying them. Let’s see. What can we do? What’s better than a banana? …I’ve got it! Let’s put Scrabble into an apple! They won’t see it coming! Yes, it’s brilliant! Scrabble Apple.

Battle of the Spelling Fruits

I found it pretty funny. I love it. When you’re in the mood to buy a scrabble-like game without the board and perhaps in a fruit-shaped package, you walk into the store and see this. Two excellent scrabble-like games in fruits! But, which to pick? The problem is there is no right choice. To judge one better than the other would be comparing apples and bananas…that’s like comparing apples and oranges.