Passover 2009

Happy Passover!

Miss bread yet? Believe it or not, Val and I are doing fine without bread (so far at least!).

For our last bread-meal before passover we had peanut butter sandwiches. I couldn’t decide what would go on the other half of the sandwich, so I split it in thirds: jelly, nutella, marshmallow fluff. Val thought…well, she thought it was unique!

My last bread meal

The night before Passover Val was doing putting finishing touches on some work so I prepared a Passover treat to bring to the Seder. I made a peach and raspberry Passover cobbler (recipe from Food Network).

Passover Cobbler

It was pretty good, although pretty much tasted like fruit and matzah meal…which it was.

Seder at my parents’ house was nice.


For the second Seder, Val had more time to prepare…

Val presenting chocolate flourless cake

We made an awesome flourless chocolate cake. Oh and like the cobbler, it’s parve (dairy-free) so my lactose intollerant sister could enjoy it too!

Flourless chocolate cake w/raspberries

Recipe for the above from Food Network (I think).

So as you can see the Seders were quite tasty! Since then we’ve enjoyed matzah meal latkes (pancakes), salads and more. Ongoing pictures of Passover 2009 at Flickr.

So, Happy Passover and Happy Easter! We’ll be going to Val’s family on Sunday! Quite the delicious week!