First-Time Bus Driver?

So, Val said that “Ian just dropped us off while he went to find a spot.” I know you must be eager to hear what happened (don’t worry, nothing serious). I drop them off at the front of the MFA then hop back on Rt. 9 and take the next right onto a one-way street. I drive maybe 1/4 of the way down the street and slow down for a bus (from Vermont) leaving a parking lot on the right and attempting to turn right onto the one-way street.

Unfortunately this must have been his first time driving. Not even first time in a bus. Just first time driving. I wish I took pictures, but basically he’d try to turn and not have enough space, so he’d back up, but he’d turn the wheel the wrong way and just make his position worse. It had to go on for at least 15 minutes with people behind me even freaking out or just laughing. At one point he backed up perfectly, giving himself plenty of space, so the people behind me cheered! And then to our dismay, he drove forward cutting the wheel the completely wrong way making the bus pretty much horizontal across the street. Basically, it looked like this:
Sketch of bus near MFA

It was so bad that I wanted to get out of the car and drive it for him (I’ve never driven a bus, but I’m pretty sure I could do better!) Eventually somebody from a nearby parking garage came out and guided the bus the right direction. It still took them a couple tries, but in time the bus was able to make the turn and drove off (I just hope he got to go straight for a while).