Once I got the ring I was very anxious to share it with Val. The night I picked it up I was actually with Val. I made up some excuse about having a stomach ache and was able to sneak off. The ring was in my jacket pocket and I wanted to just give it to her on the spot! I managed to hold back to do something a little special, although I didn’t want to do it too crazily (I wanted it to be more fitting to who we are).

The next day in our apartment I gave Val a box. It said “Smile Box” on top. This was a reference to a present Val gave me early in our relationship. The smile box Val gave me had cute words about me and our relationship taped inside and was filled with Kit Kats. She mailed it to me because I complained once of not receiving packages in the mail.

Anyways, the smile box I gave Val was filled with random junk (some of her hair elastics, one of her own rings, rubber bands, etc). She smiled at me awkwardly and said, “how nice.” I encouraged her to continue and she lifted up a piece of paper in the bottom. Underneath it read the words, “Will you marry me?” in which she said “Yes!” I then said, “Oh, and I got you this too” and handed her the diamond ring I picked out. We both smiled, cried a bit and cuddled.

Smile box and engagement ring

Then we had pancakes.