Ali’s Dinner

Val alluded to a meal her sister Alison made. Here’s the pictures associated with that event.

First, Val took Ali food shopping at a local (to us) store:

Val and Ali Shopping

It was a Sunday so it was super busy.

We then drove back to Val’s family’s house to bring back Alison. Nobody told them that Ali wanted to cook (even though I suggested she call them), so that was a fun surprise!

Ali Prepares Dinner

Ali seemed to enjoy making the dinner, although she also seemed to wish she was all alone because she’d make grumpy faces and politely whine whenever anyone offered to help or to see what she was up to.

Before you knew it she was already putting the finishing touches on the meal.

Ali and Dinner

She seemed very proud of her masterpiece dinner.

Ali and Food

And then we ate it up!
Ali and Food