Don’t go to work sick

So, for some reason the past few weeks, everyone has been getting sick. My mom wasn’t feeling great for a while and lost her voice for a bit. She did, however, play the keyboard, so that’s nice.

Mom Plays Keyboard

Anyways, at work many people were sick. Actually during one day I think the majority of us stayed home sick. People referred to it as the WaLAS plague (yeah, my office is called WaLAS). For some reason Tania came to work on Thursday even though she had a case of the plague. Okay, not really a plague, but a cold mixed with a sinus infection. She just wasn’t looking her normal happy self. It was sad seeing her in this condition, not to mention the rest of us didn’t want her cooties, so we were forced to quarantine her desk.

Tania's Desk Quarantined

Don’t think we’re all bad. Note, that there is some soup on her desk too. We did want her to get better! Luckily we were able to convince her to go home and get some rest. She did go home, but then she emailed pictures of her cat, as my co-workers tend to do!