Spring Break 2007!

In case you didn’t know, we were down in Florida this past week (thanks, mom and dad!). Val and I went down with my sister on Monday. Here’s Emily and Val and Logan:

Emily and Val atLogan

Once there, we rented a mini-van, because in 3 days my mom, dad and brother would be joining us.

Emily and Mini-Van

Travel went smooth and soon we were enjoying nice Florida weather with my grandparents and other elders.

Fort Lauderdale

Sleeping arrangements were interesting. It was fine though. Val loved it when Emily got lonely not (haha…sidenote: Emily loves quoting Borat in public).

Val attacked by Emily in bed

But, we didn’t spend the past week with elders alone. No, no. We were there for SPRING BREAK 2007! Haha…

The timing of this actually was on purpose because my sister (who is a senior in college this year) has her spring break off, so we based it on that. It being Spring Break, didn’t affect us much, although Val, my sister and I did put in a couple beach hours on Tuesday (how could we go down to Florida without at least spending a little time at the beach?). It was nice and relaxing…

Val at Beach

Ugh…yes, that’s my sister behind Val. My dad’s reaction to the picture was “Who’s that behind Val?” so I had to break it to him that it’s his daughter. It was pretty weird with Spring Break and reckless college drinking (without even being discreet). Actually, it was so intense that Fox news showed up.

Fox News

The reporter guy was so funny. He just looked like…I don’t know…exactly how a beach reporter should. My sister said he looked like a tool.

On Wednesday we picked up the rest of my family at the airport, piled into the mini-van, and took them back to Nana and Popi’s place.

Family and Mini-Van

The nice reasons we wanted to visit were that next month is Nana’s (that’s my grandmother) birthday — she’ll be 85 (and doesn’t seem it)! Popi (my grandfather) is 87. We also wanted to take them out to dinner for their 60th wedding anniversary!

Here’s a picture of them 60 years ago:

Nana and Popi - 1947

They’ve met Val once before (about 2 years ago), but it was nice for them to see her again and check out her new ring. :)

We all spent time with Nana and Popi and some time with a first cousin once removed that wanted to hang out. Ends up that cousin said his dad (deceased) was affiliated with Brandeis (a V.P. or something), so I’ll have to look into that. Speaking of family, I also talked to Nana and Popi about my ongoing family tree project. I was able to get some new names and also confirm some information that I wasn’t sure about. Cool stuff!

Nana mostly stayed inside, except when we went out to eat, but Popi ventured outdoors and showed us the complex’s pool.

Mom and Popi

My brother, Adam, enjoyed the pool.

Adam Jumps In Pool

My parents wanted to go on a day-trip while Val and I were still there, so we went down to the Everglades on Thursday (I’ll write about that separately). Then before we knew it, it was Friday and we had an early flight back North to Boston. It was sad to go. Hope to see them again soon.